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like today. all the 49er championship games have been extraordinarily busy for us and this will be another one. probably even busier. >> it was some concern there might be a shortage of chicken wings due to last year's drought. that's because it drives up the cost of food for the chickens. it is not true americans will consume more than a billion wings this weekend. >> all right. the super bowl is typically the most watched television event of the year and it turns out many people use that as an excuse to get a new tv. the past several years, tv sales spiked before the super bowl. this year was no exception. especially here in niner territory. >> at least 25% more sales when our home team is in the super bowl. a lot of people want a super bowl party and what better thing to have, especially the way they've been coming down in prices. >> experts stay boom in big screen tv stores has been especially good in brick and mortar stores. >>> a bay area mom said she has a little bit of an idea what the harbaugh family is going through on a-smaller scale, of course. >> she i
. ma mary ann joins us with that investigation marrianne? >> police are looking for more explosives. they already discovered dangerous material used to make explosives and detonated them in the front yard of everett beshon's home. he was arrested on several charges including possession of manufactured explosive and making a threat it a public official. state senator leeland ye said he received a threat by e-mail four weeks ago. >> author of that particular e-mail specifically stated that if i did not make efforts to deal with gun violence, that he would assassinate me in or around the capitol. >> basham is accused of illegally having a weapon, handgun found. a trailer was used to transport a handful of useable explosives found at his home yesterday. they were taken to the bomb squad's special facility where they were detonated. officers will remain here overnight because it is an active crime scene. in the meantime, he is scheduled to be arraigned in santa clara county superior court tomorrow. reporting live in santa clara, marianne favaro, nbc bay area news. >> thanks you. >>> we h
with a fe are rry. >> reporter: the coast guard tells us it was a oregon man who died late saturday night after the boat he was in collided with a ferry that was headed to san francisco, the accident happened at 4:30 afternoon in the raccoon straight. the man who died has been identified as 68-year-old harry holzhauer from oregon, his linkedin account showed he is a realtor that specialized in litigation support. it's a devastating loss, he was a charming man and well respected in his field. the owner of the boat the only other person aboard is inity hospital, investigators were able to talk to him. >> he was, he was able to tell us, basically what happened. he was not the one driving the boat. mr. holzhauer who passed away was the driver. the friend was able to tell us what he can remember from the incident. >> reporter: the coast guard will only identify the boat's owner of a california man. as for the 500 aboard the ferry that day. none were injured. the crew has been drug tested and tested for chol as well and have returned to work save for the captain who is on paid administra admini
. it helped women live six months longer than those that were using a traditional treatment. the chief of oncology said that the drug has benefitted several of his patients. >> on to it that it is like a trojan horse, it gets taken into the cell and kills the cell in the breast cancer cell from within. which you know on, it gets tall benefits of chemo therapy with none of the side effects. >> denise is still taking the new drug every three weeks and she credits it with saving her life. now, what is interesting about this new approach is that doctors say, it may be used to develop other cancer drugs. because it can more effectively treat those cancers with fewer side effects. reporting live in walnut creek. nbc bay area news. well tonight the man hunt continues, the search in multiple states for the person who gunned down an oakland man on the laws vegas strip. he they say that several leads have not panned out. they are looking for the occupants of a black range rover, it slammed into a taxi and burst into flames killing the cabbie and the passenger. the whole thing started with an arg
spoke with them about tomorrow's big game. he joins us now from new orleans. these guys know about the super bowl. >> oh, they certainly do. they have several rings. we talked to a ton of guys today. many of the current stars, some former stars, some niners stars of the past, we are outside louis armstrong park in new orleans at the honors show. here's some of who we talked to, some legends of the game and some current guys. what a night in new orleans. the theater bringing together a-list celebrities and football legends all with thoughts on what to look for tomorrow in the super bowl. >> i'm hoping for a no-holds barred. i want to see a physical football game. i want to see a game that is real competitive. i feel like the niners will win this 24-17. >> quarterback to quarterback what makes kaepernick such a differencemaker, so explosive? >> i think his legs. his ability to extend plays. his confidence. he's a cool, calm, collected guy. thrives under pressure. this is just another game. as the outside world tries to build it up as something that's larger than life, but it's still
and police tell us that there was a confrontation in front of the high school. the incident is still under investigation. >>> now to a story you will only see here, car thieves are making quite a living here. in san jose alone, there's 50 to 60 cars reported st eed stolen day. we went on a ride along today with a task force assigned to get the cars back. he works the laptop as he drives. he runs the plates of as many cars as he can. >> finding the cars and crooks involved in criming other than the initial auto theft is something that our task force is good at. >> they are known as radis, and they have been unusually busy the last couple of years. >> it's in every neighborhood and the interesting thing with those cars, the typical stolen car in the county would be the mid year, mid '90s honda acord. he said those cars and acuras and toyotas have a faulty switch that can be started with a shaved key or screwdriver. 45 minutes into the ride and -- what do you know? it's stolen. >> it's been abandon and neighbors say it's been here for a while. >> it's been at least over three w
broke records today. jeff ranieri is here to tell us which city was the hottest. >> good afternoon to you guys, not terribly disruptive outside. sunshine being enjoyed. and one of the warmest temperatures was near 80. that is unheard of this time of the year. gilroy topping out at 79, we could hit 80 if we warm up another degree in the next hour. san rafael 76. and one of the records so far, napa with 71. that is besting the old record. let's go outside to the live sky camera network. the other problem is the haze. we are at moderate levels of air quality and pollen in the high category. it has been enjoyable and a lot of you are suffering from a headache, watry eyes and maybe coughing again with the poor air quality. we will get rainfall in here and we need it. look at this, 2013, the driest on record for january and february for these cities. that first column, that is it, that is all you have had since january first with rain there in napa, less than 10% of the rain that you should have for this date now in february. so, we need the rain, we are going to get that coming up in th
they are. someone is with them somewhere. so, we need them to call us. we need them to come home. >> i want my son to know that i love him. that we all love them. and that we want them the to come home safe and sound. >> reporter: now the family tells me that they are getting daily briefings from the embassy in peru and the embassy is getting updates from peru authorities. the money is being raised for a reward, they have raised $4,000 so far for the safe return of the couple. reporting live, i'm jodi hernandez. nbc bay area news. >> thanks, jodi t city of san jose said it's working on a plan to fix bad roads but taxpayers will are likely foot the bill. nearly quarter of the road ways are in poor condition and but 2020 every road will be in that category. city leaders are proposing a series of taxes to increase the funding for road work. it includes a quarter or half cent tax increase and a bond increase that will cost the average home owner $100 a year. >>> the cliff hanging road way, has a section being renamed in honor of the late congressman. the two new mile long tunnels have safety fe
if the flea market will still be there. >>> with the u.s. supreme court hearing on prop eight just weeks away, the state attorney general has filed her arguments with the court. she says the backers of prop eight have no legal standing in the case. harris claims the group, called protect marriage, isn't hurt by the practice of allowing same sex marriage couples to marry. the high court will hear arguments on this issue on march 26th. >> two days and counting until sequestration and $85 billion in automatic spending cuts. they don't have a negotiation scheduled until friday. the president is purposely waiting until the last minute so he can blame the gop. if no deal is made, schools and airports will face cuts. 52% of americans actually want sequestration to happen, or have congress cut more spending. >>> coming up, a deadly shark encounter at a popular tourist spot. >>> you see a little girl walk into the boy's bathroom, that's setting her up in an unsafe situation. >> too young to be trancegender? the elementary school battle. >> and the latest on the billionaires shopping spree. >>> and i'm
boem. her performance ran on generator power, not what was used for the superdome. an investigation is under way to determine the cause of the disruption. the problem appeared to happen in an area where the line from the local power company connects with the superdome's electrical system. the outage was a hit on social networks, generating over 230,000 tweets per minute. and even got its own twitter handle, superdome lights. >>> the super bowl got a lot of tweets when it cams to the ads. we will show you which commercials were the most popular and if your favorite made the cut. >>> well as we look toward the our past will soon be demolished, all those memories at candlestick, with the new 49ers stadium nearing completion in santa clare a. they are planning to demolish at the stick at the end of next season. an explosion will take the stadium down, because there's no point in it standing empty, candlestick, a huge part of our local history. >>> great news for south bay travelers one of the nation's most popular airlines announced new flights leaving from the international airport. nb
will tell us when we can expect more showers. >> nor and december, major rain then in 2013, less than an inch of rain here for most of the east bay and also the south bay. it's dry right now, but as we zoom out on the satellite radar picture, you can clearly see the dee fined cold front sitting off shore at 800 miles. the center of the storm is way off to the north. that means we are going to be spared to heaviest rain. we will get in on rain drops here, as early as tomorrow moshing. we will have cloud cover increasing across the north bay and as we head throughout 6:00 a.m., the best shots are marin, san francisco and san mateo counties for those commuters you will get the rain drops first. here are the wintry highlights after 70s this time last week, we are going to see temperatures 5 to 8 degrees below average. and some re low rain snow mix. we will let you know which city across the bay area may actually get a rain snow mix down at the lower elevations. we are talking 2-500 feet. >> we will see you shortly. >> there were bomb sniffing jobs and eevacuations, the target? many govern
to use your money to help pay for the party. jodi hernandez is live at treasure island with more on this proposal. >> reporter: transit experts say the eastern span of the bay bridge will most certainly become a globally recognized icon of the bay area and its opening deserves a huge celebration. but the party they're proposing, the price of the party they're proposing is making some squeamish. >> we've got the finish line in sight. >> reporter: and big plans are in place to celebrate the completion of the eastern span of the bay bridge. the bay area toll thoerauthorit proposing spending $5.6 million in toll money on a grand opening party that will give tens of thousands of people the chance to walk across the bridge on labor day weekend before it opens to traffic. >> public funds are expected to be used for transportation and public safety. i think of it as the four bs. it's buses, barricades, bathrooms and bodies. >> reporter: the toll authority is teaming up with a nonprofit group to make the celebration even more spectacular. the bay bridge alliance is raising private funds t
the girl. he told us he heard the girl screaming and went into the home were a fi with the fire extinguisher. >> i sprayed around so i could get to the stairs. went i got the first set of stairs, the fire spread around me. i started crying because i heard the girl. i started spraying around, the windows started blowing out. >> that was kimberly tere live on treasure island. more from her at 6:00. >>> no one was hurt in another fire in pacifica this morning. several cars and a building were damaged it happened on palmetto avenue. when firefighters got there, cars were on fire. off-shore winds helped the flames spread to an auto repair shop next door. >> 911, i told them my building is on fire. there's a wrecking yard next door with cars and gas tanks. you could hear things xwlblowinp at the time. then i ran out. >> investigators are trying to figure out what started that fire. >>> a 45-year-old man died this morning when he crashed into the back of a parked big rig. the crash happened around 6:30 on 101 at atherton avenue. the man was driving a dodge ram pickup and went off the r
. >> home and business owners use them to protect their property, we are talking about surveillance cameras. at home, you could find a burglar going through your belongings and in russia you can catch a streaking meteor. >> reporter: janelle, security experts say more and more people want to have an extra set of eyes and camera give them that and an added sense of security. when a meteorite struck russia last friday, many of the images were caught on dashboard cameras that are popular there. police have used them to record evidence of traffic stops in america. but now it's catching on with the masses. >> people want to know what is happening with their car. >> the biggest reason is to record traffic accidents, to record, what they see, crazy drivers on the road. just things they witness and want to share with other people. >> a quick youtube search brings up thousands of clips from dash cams. capping accident drivers behaving badly. >> as the price tag comes down. we will see more of this. >> technology experts say that clients want the cameras for security and surveillance. >> i have gotte
. >> house republicans have passed two bills to replace the president's sequester. why won't he work with us? >> reporter: the countdown clock is ticking down to march 1st and a belt tightening that will squeeze just about everyone. brian mo brian moore,nbc washington. >>> and we're told 2,000 secure cameras have been installed throughout rome, many focused on the vatican, volunteers and paramedics will be in st. pete her's square and the streets leading to the vatican. he will retire on thursday and most of the cardinals will gather to choose the next pope. this is the first time in 600 years that a pope resigned. >>> after being granted bail, oscar pistorius is staying at his uncle's home in pretoria. private security guards stood watch outside the home. the chief magistrate set bail for the south african olympian at $113,000. pist pistorius must hand over his passport and any guns he might own. >> it is not a sports case, no judgment being given. can we hold this guy so he can have his way later? i don't think he is a flight risk. he's a national figure, well known everywhere. >> pistoriu
today, they are one of the companies voicing support for same sex marriage. they did not get back to us this afternoon. however, facebook just posted this statement saying this week, facebook is proudly joining hundreds of businesses in submitting briefs to the u.s. supreme court supporting same sex marriage. this comes on the heels of hp, ceo saying in a blog post, i have come to embrace same sex marriage after a period of careful review and reflection. this is a dra that the i can change from her support of prop eight while she was running for governor. she signed a legal filing making a conservative case for the supreme court to strike down the ban. joe kinney with south bay pride applauds the shift. >> i think that it will help because she has been a leader in business. and that the conservative members of the supreme court will see that it's not just one seth of the country that is supporting this. that it's really broad based. >> joe kinney also told me that it's great to learn that hundreds of companies are now supporting same-sex marriage. she said that it's important that they
teng, administrators of the department's gaming control had a conflict of interest and used his position of power to carry out a campaign of that is rasment. >> in deposition, mr. cheng admitted to working for tribal casinos. that concerns us. tribal casinos in the state, outside the state are competition and they would love to see this ka soo he know go out of wisdom. >> with a phone interview today, richard teng said there's no conflict. and all the work as an independent contractor has approved. he said that he had not worked with any casino since 1985. the representative of casino m8trix said he will leave it to the courts to get to the bottom of the issue. the casino operators say this lawsuit is critical as they move forward with additions to the hotel. >> president obama's state of the union address is less than an hour away. the speech is mandated by the constitution and white house officials say it will be wide ranging. >> we are live in capitol hill, steve, what is the tone and goal for the president tonight? >> well, the tone is the question mark. good evening. he wil
lights. so it's a big deal for us. . >> reporter: the deputy director of transportation says the city has spent $300,000 repairing copper wire. it's considering adding more money to deal with the problem. >> the department of transportation hopes to have them all reconnected within three months. live in san jose, nbc bay area news. >> kimberly, thank you. >>> new at 5, rescued from the streets. a 16-year-old girl the victim of human trafficking is now in protective custody. the san jose police department can you recollect theed kublgt conducted a two-day investigation. the second day of the operation targeted underage prostitutes. that's when officers found this 16-year-old who had worked as a prostitute since she was 11. >> a new development project that will transform the waterfront near at&t park has landed its first tenant. it's the first of many tenants expected to occupy the mission rock development. nbc bay area is live in san francisco with the details for tonight. >> this is a big deal for san francisco and for the mission bay neighborhood. the now-empty pier 48 will soon be tran
is that spike was a lot sharper than we are used to. aaa reminds us to get the most bang for our buck, by making sure tires are properly inflated and we drive the speed limit to get the best mielag event >> in san jose, nbc bay area news. >> we have a follow-up to a story we first brought you yesterday, bay area travelers have a new and very affordable option to get to l.os angeles bt you have to act fast. virgin america is offering four nonstops a day. if you book by tomorrow and travel before june 5th they have the best prices. they are known for lower fares and in flight wi-fi. >> the court met at the university of san francisco, the case involves a southern california pot club that sued the city of riverside over its decision to ban pot clubs. one side argued that state laws especially powers local governments to ban the establishment of pot clubs and the other side that they can only regulate the pot industry, not ban it all together. attorneys were interrupted by the justices several times and they appeared skeptical of the argument challenging the right of cities to ban pot clubs but one
are not swayed or tempted by the texas? >> not at all. texas might be best to be swayed by us. >> she that is a point. while a small number of companies have left the valley. a far larger number come here. including one of texas's all time success stories. dell, which recently opened a big office and hired dozens of people in the center of silicon valley. >> and so businesses are being created had here all the time. what happens is people come here from everywhere, they start businesses and that is an exciting thing. we are a place where you create businesses not where people move out. >> it's not always easy to do business here. but most will tell you, the grass is rarely greener anywhere else. >> among the findings of the joint convenient schur index, a rise in job growth that more than doubles the increase in jobs for the country as a whole. >>s in a great place to be. the heartland of innovation. thanks gois. >> the high pro tile hack, what was exposed after a first family was targeted on line. plus? i am life ve at sfo where more n 60 flights were cancelled. >> and timmy has ever
, a story that will make you bay area proud. one woman uses her personal tragedy to fulfill a lifelong dream. >>> we're enjoying a sunny finish. still seeing some temperatures close to 60 degrees. tonight we will see some patchy frost. will the seven-day forecast show any signs of rain or sierra snow? we'll take a close look at that. you in heaven. wrapped in luxury. you in action. you in motion. you in luck. play in style. talking stick resort, scottsdale. book now to enjoy cactus league spring training rates. . >>> hundreds of people are meeting to discuss the city's crime problem. nbc bay's monty francis live with the story. monty? >> reporter: good evening. there is standing room only inside this theater behind me. the meeting was supposed to end at 5:00 but it is still going on now. bill bratton is not here but the man esteeming up with to review the oakland police department, rob wasserman is inside speaking. wasserman is the cheryl of the strategic policy partnership is he has a $100,000 contract with the city of oakland to review the violence and prevention strategies. at this meetin
and see the pope. >> none of us have seen the resignation of a pope. but people feel that as our lives are longer, this may not be the last resignation that we see. >> thank you. today's announcement spark as worldwide debate, who will be the next pope. peter turkson is a candidate and on the list, francis arinz event, a principal adviser to pope john paul ii, if selected either would be the first black pope in history and on the list of replacements, marc ouellet, the position of pope once reserved on italians is open to all. timothy dole of new york is considered one of the best american candidates for pope. we will have the reaction from across the nation and in rome. >> caltrans riders can expect delays of up to 30 minutes because of a wreck that happened this afternoon at 2:30. there were not reported injuries. right now, caltrans is single tracking through san bruno until the accident site is cleared. >>> a federal investigation finds palo alto school district mishandl mishandled a child as complaints of bullying. >> the district is vowing to do more training and implement more t
that they're just out on an excursion away from internet access. they had been using the internet and skype and facebook to stay in contact and that contact has ceased. >> reporter: the owner of the peddler bike shop where neil worked for the past two years says everyone who knows the couple is worried especially since the state department issued a travel warning about members of an organization looking to kidnap american tourists. they have not made any financial transactions this january. we hope to learn more aboutwit the search. >> thanks for the update. and still ahead at 5:00. >> we will have a preview of the oscars. all that you need to know about tonight's show including one actor who is favored to earn a second gold statue three years after the first. >>> the 85th annual academy awards. >> that means many of the industry's biggest names put on the sunday best. >> i don't have the sparkles that i needed. >> more for the red carpet in hollywood. >> things which are equal to the same thing are equal to each other. >> "lincoln" has the most nominations with 12. a thriller about the hos
to learn more about communities at large in the bay area. now it is up to us to either treat that with innocencive or you can take hm at his worse and say, okay, this is a thu positive bb win-win for everybody for the nfl at large. that how i will approach it. i hope chris will live up to the comments, as i want to expand my horizons and i'm truly story what what i said. >> harbaugh says this in no way reflected the beliefs of the 49ers and does not believe this is what he truly believes. >> the parties are beginning. flights out of sfo are jam-packed. 49ers fans migrating to the big easy. a lot will hit the convention in the big aesy before the game. >> it is like a playground for adult. good evening, lawrence. >> hey, thank you, janelle. how are you doing? this is a cool experience. you know, when the bay area hosts the super bowl again, we have to have this again. they start here with the draft combine. they will run the 40 in a second. they do get timed. san matteos tom brady, helping kids with their actor. a lost flavor here obviously in new orleans which is a great thin
was present. >> and just want to start by saying what an honor it is for both of us to be here with each other. no question about it, what a very exciting moment it is. but more than that, to -- for our families to be here. >> i concur. the way the players have played, to me, that is why we are here. not because of any coaching decisions or any way that we were when we were kids. but, you know, so, really a credit to those men and looking forward to the game. >> i concur. >> we are with fiercely loyal. there's no do it. we all would say. that not just of one another and we always have been. that -- that's definitely not ever going to change. we will continue to be fiercely loyal and protective of one another. but also of our teams. and jim had mentioned earlier in the week, he talked about the brotherhood, the band of brothers that will take the field. it's a christmas day speech, he has it memorized, it's unbelievable. brilliant. the band of brothers will be the band olt sideline, it will be the ravens and the 49ers sighline. that will be the band of brothers in the competition. >> and yes, i
is a serious threat to the public and law enforcement and they are using all available manpower to find him. kimberly tere is in the newsroom. more than 1,000 officers are involved in the search. what's up, kim? >> that's right. everyone who is available is on the hunt to find christopher dorner. it was four years ago today that he was fired from the los angeles police department. investigators say they believe that dismissal is what led to the murderous rampage. so far three people have been killed. two others injured. investigators released a new image of dorner taken january 28th by a security camera at a hotel in orange county. the search for him continues today in the snowy mountains in big bear lake where investigators found his burned-out truck. >> my understanding is that the car got stuck in the mud up there. so there was some thought that there was a die versiversion to attention, but there was some speculation that he got stuck there. >> turn yourself in. turn yourself in because we will find you. you have disgraced the public safety, the police profession, turn yourself in. >> p
executive and former california republican candidate for u.s. senate carly fiorina squared off in the roundtable part of the program inspect. they traded accusations from the economy to the dysfunction in washington. >> it's time for us to lean in again and hold these guys up to a higher level of expectation. you want to move the mouse, you got to move the cheese. we've got to change incentives in this country for good behavior not the kind we're seeing. >> i find it stunning, truly that this president and the democratic party continue to lay all the blame for their failure to achieve anything at the feet of the tea party or ted cruz or whoever the latest villain is. >> also every time newsome appears on "meet the press," it renews speculation that his still has his sights set on washington down the road of his political career. >>> president obama's chief of staff confirms that the white house has been working on its own immigration reform plan. republicans are pushing back hard and say they're waiting to see what a bipartisan group of lawmakers will be offering in the next fe
with the encampment. what is the total cost and where will these people go now? damian trujillo joins us live at the site with some answers. damian? >> this will be in the thousands. there are tents scattered throughout the acreage here. this is actually right below the flight path of say proeching planes here, but next week everyone here has to go. the city says it's concerned about the neighborhood, the environment and the homeless themselves during the cold nights. so next week they will get a 72-hour notice to move out before crews begin cleaning up the area. they did this kind of cleanup efrl years around town. it costs themselves thousands of dollars per day to do it. advocates will be on hand to offer alternatives like shelters and other services. where will they go? some say they don't know. one told me he's going to walk across the street, wait for the cleanup to end and move back in. he said they need to spread the wealth. >> the average income the valley is so much money. i hope they think about that in their warm beds and heating dinner and i love you family and this and that. >>
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